Fair Trade Fashion

   This term describes the industry response to heightened consumer concern as it relates to apparel manufacturing and damage to the environment or the violation of human rights. The early sweatshops of New York, filled with immigrants willing to "pay" any price for the opportunity to work, have moved into other areas of the world. However, the violation of human rights as it relates to products and production worldwide has created awareness and worldwide disapproval to the point of consumers boycotting of products. Consumers have also voiced their commitment to environmental concerns and the industry has responded with "green" fibers being used in everything from denim to intimate apparel. Bamboo, for example, has become a desirable sustainable option not only for interior design but as a fabric alternative; designers confirm that it is lightweight and drapes beautifully. Eco-friendly clothing is demanded from both the mass market and the designer customer.

Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry. .

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